Article I

Name and Purpose

Section 1:   The club shall be called The Coasters
Section 2:    The purpose of the club shall be to provide opportunities for longer term residents of St. Simons and Sea Island to socialize with each other.

Article II

Membership and Meetings

Section 1:   Membership in the club shall be open to all residents who have resided on St. Simons and Sea Island three years or longer. Prospective members will be admitted when their membership application is received and dues are paid as established in Art II, Sect. 1b.

a. Membership shall be limited to a number determined by the executive committee.

b. The annual dues shall be $28.00 per person per fiscal year and shall be paid by existing members by May 31. Non-payment of dues by that date automatically cancels membership. Prospective club members will be received from May 31 until August 15. Membership for the upcoming year will be closed as of August 15, and a waiting list will be kept.

c.  The fiscal year shall be from September 1 to May 31.

(Amended May 2003) Each member is expected to be an active member contributing time, talent and energy to the organization; therefore, each member shall be required to attend three or more monthly activities and/or special events each year to maintain membership. Attending the same activity multiple times (dining out/bridge, etc.) constitutes one activity.

Serving on the board of directors fulfills the yearly participation requirements. (See Art. VII, Sect. 1)

Section 2:   Special events will be held once a month except as changed by the board of directors.

Article III


Section 1:   The officers of the club shall be: President(s), Vice President(s) Membership, Vice President(s) Special Events, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2:   Officers shall be elected in April and installed in May.

Section 3:   Members are eligible to hold an elected office at any time during their membership.

Article IV

Duties of Officers

Section 1:   The President(s) shall:

Preside at all meetings

Act as chairman of the executive committee and the board of directors

Sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer

Serve as an ex-officio member of the executive committee in an advisory capacity after leaving office.

Section 2:   The Vice President(s) Membership shall:

Preside in the absence of the President(s)

Assist the President as required

Chair the membership committee

Section 3:   The Vice President(s) Special Events shall:

Preside in the absence of the President(s) and President(s)-Elect

Chair the special events committee

Section 4:   The Secretary shall:

Handle all necessary business correspondence including recording official minutes, filing copies of reports and answering inquiries

Send cards and write notes of a social nature as required or directed by the board of directors

Send flowers or memorial contributions as required

Section 5:   The Treasurer shall:

Be entrusted with the custody of the funds

Collect dues

Make payment for all club expenses approved by the board of directors

Submit a financial report at the board of directors’ meetings

Keep a master list of attendees at all events. Events organizers will submit attendees’ names to the treasurer.

Article V


Section 1:   The Standing Committees of the Club shall be:

Special Events Committee:

The Vice President serves as chairman and will appoint other members to assist

Plans programs for club wide get togethers and other special trips, outings, and events and submits them to executive committee for approval

Membership Committee:

The Vice President(s) Membership is chair and may appoint other members to assist.

Oversees annual renewals by existing members

Solicits and enrolls prospective members

Receives membership applications

Maintains the membership list and the wait list

Supervises the layout, printing and distribution of the membership directory

Monthly activities:

Chairpersons for activities of interest to the membership are appointed by the President.

These chairpersons shall be members of the Board of Directors.

Monthly activity committees may include but are not limited to: Antiques Group, Bridge (Singles & Couples), Book Club, Community Service, Dancing, Dining In, Dining Out, Discussion Group, Golf, Mah Jongg


Consists of editor appointed by the President

Prepares periodic newsletters to be mailed or e-mailed during the year to inform members of upcoming meetings, activities, etc.

Communications Committee:

Consists of chairman appointed by the President and other members as needed

Telephones/e-mails the membership as needed to remind them of upcoming activities and scheduled meetings.

Article VI

Executive Committee

Section 1:   The executive committee shall consist of the elected officers.

Section 2:   The executive committee shall meet as needed during the year.

Article VII

Board of Directors

Section 1:   The board of directors shall consist of the elected officers and committee chairmen.

Section 2:   The board of directors shall meet as needed to establish procedure guidelines each year for conduct of the club and transact any business requiring action between meetings of the club.

Article VIII

Nominations and Elections

Section 1:   The nominating committee shall consist of three members appointed by the President and approved by the executive committee.

Section 2:   The nominating committee shall prepare a ticket of nominees for each office to be filled and present its slate in March.

Section 3:   Additional nominations may be made provided the nominees have given their consent.

Section 4:   Annual election of officers shall take place in April.

Section 5:   Installation of officers shall take place in May.

Section 6:   Upon resignation of any elected officer, a new officer shall be appointed by the Executive Committee and approved by vote of the members. The exception is the resignation of the President, in which case the Vice President(s) Membership shall assume the duties of this office and the Executive Committee shall appoint a new Vice President(s) Membership who shall be approved by the membership.

Article IX


               These bylaws may be amended by a majority of the members, providing that such amendment shall have been presented to the
               membership 30 days prior to the vote.